MicroDC Model: SMDC-1R

(STULZ Enabled by Oper8: Single 45U Rack, Redundant Cooling Units, Redundant UPS)

Model: SMDC-1R

Single 45RU Rack, redudant cooling units

Model: SMDC-1R

Indoor, dust sealed cabinet, protects your IT assets in harsh environments

Model: SMDC-1R

Fully enclosed, secure cabinet to maintain cooling and integrated fire suppression efficiency

Model: SMDC-1R

Redundant rack-mounted UPS units with a choice of lead-acid or Lithium ION UPS units

Technology Options

Wireless asset management, data backup, encryption and storage, cloud direct connect and internet connectivity options

Key Elements

45U Rack capacity with choice of 5kW, 10kW  or 20kW redundant cooling, with redundant rack mount UPS 

Target Solution

Perfect for remote office, bank branches, network nodes, IoT gateways and critical distributed campus compute facilities


Out-of-band wireless remote management, alerting and metering included

Choice of UPS Technology

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 Micro Data Centres include the option of rack-mounted Lead-Acid battery based UPS units, or Lithium-ION UPS rack mounted systems.  Customers can choose either one or two UPS units per rack:

  • Single UPS with mains power as second supply
  • Dual UPS in an N+N configuration
  • 12kVA (2U) or 18kVA (3U) rack mount Lithium ION solutions

HPC - High Performance Compute

Using specialist fluid cooling to the chip through Cool-IT our MicroDCs can support HPC environments up to 64kW per rack. We recommend a separate rack or MicroDC is used to support UPS functions in a HPC solution.

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