MicroDC Model: MHPC-1NR

(STULZ Enabled by Oper8: One x 45U Rack, Redundant UPS, CoolIT and Air Cooling)


One x 45RU Rack, air cooling with integrated Chip-to-Atmosphere cooling to support 64kW of HPC


Single or dual manifolds delivering chip-to-atmosphere liquid cooling direct to the chip with integrated air cooling support

Model: MHPC-1NR

Redundant UPS units typically deployed in a separate MicroDC enclosure or dedicated UPS room

Technology Options

Wireless asset management, data backup, encryption and storage, cloud direct connect and internet connectivity options

Key Elements

1 x 45U Rack capacity with choice of 5kW, 10kW  or 20kW cooling with Chip-to-Atmosphere fluid cooling system supporting 64kW of HPC load

Target Solution

Perfect for research and educational institutions requiring on-premise High Performance Compute (HPC) solutions


Out-of-band wireless remote management, alerting and metering included

Alternative Rack Capacity Available

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 Micro Data Centres include the ability to deploy Chip-to-Atmosphere HPC solutions in almost any MicroDC rack configuration or equivalent model, for example:

  • A single HPC Rack (to 64kW)
  • High Capacity Storage and Network infrastructure in one or two additional IT racks

HPC - High Performance Compute

Using specialist fluid cooling to the chip through Cool-IT our MicroDCs can support HPC environments up to 64kW per rack. We recommend a separate rack or MicroDC is used to support UPS functions in a HPC solution.

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