MicroDC Solutions

Right-sized micro data centres delivering compute, storage and network on-premise

Micro Data Centers

Single enclosures with fully integrated UPS, 45U racks, single or redundant cooling, in fully sealed lockable enclosures

Standard 45U Racks

Rack space that can support your on-premise IT, network and storage needs. 40RU models available.

Up to 6 x 45U Racks

Deploy your micro data centre with rack capacity up to 6 x 45RU racks, each with their own N+N rack mounted UPS

Redundant Cooling Models

Cooling options include 5, 10 and 20kW with air-cooled and chilled water units

A Range of Colours

Standard colours are black or white enclosures that are fully dust sealed – other colour choices are available on request

Single Cooling Units

Perfect to start your MicroDC deployment – add extra racks or cooling units when required

Cooling Solutions

MicroDC cooling capacity ranges from 5kW to 20kW using DX or Chilled Water cooling units. Optional HPC fluid cooling to 64kW per rack is available.

Electrical Solutions

Offering choice of Lithium-ION and Lead-Acid UPS, Smart PDUs, and metering with optional ATS untis and diesel generators in external acoustic enclosures.

Rack Capacity

Featuring a default rack capacity of 45U per rack, with models featuring 1 to 6 racks per enclosure.


Standard key-lock doors, with optional electronic door locks, CCTV and door-open alarms.


Fire Suppression

Optional Novec 1230 rack-mounted inert-gas fire suppression is available. One unit is required per IT rack within the MicroDC enclosure.


Standard enclosures are internal building rated with dust proof seals and cable entries. External rated cabinet options are available on request. 45RU and 40RU high models available.


Building Efficiency Benefits

Isolated, dedicated power and cooling sub-systems allow primary building infrastructure to be turned off overnight, weekends and public holidays.

Management & Maintenance

Remote monitoring (temperature, humidity, fluid leaks, door open, rack power use) and alerting. Oper8 online customer portal for real-time performance views.

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC Models