Oper8 CloudBox

MicroDC based CloudNAS appliances with integrated backup agents for servers and workstations, and automated cloud backup.

Oper8 StrongBox

Delivering large-capacity backup and archive solutions with offsite replication options.

Backup - File - Sync - Share

Deploy Oper8 CloudNAS in your MicroDC to enable on-premise server and workstation backup, all while taking advantage of local network storage (NAS). The CloudNAS automatically backs up to Oper8’s Australian Cloud Storage platform.


Backup & Archive Replication

With StrongBox backup and archive capacity ranging from 50TB to 100PB, you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. Enabling StrongBox Replication to another StrongBox (located in your other MicroDC or in Oper8’s metro Tier III data centres) can provide redundant long-term archiving.

CloudBox Mobile Apps

Using the CTERA mobile app, you can securely access your business data located in your Oper8 CloudBox account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mesh MicroDCs together for data redundancy purposes?

Yes, using a number of data storage options, possibly with replication enabled, you are able to use either internet or WAN connectivity to enable a meshed network of data backup and replication.

Do I have to use Oper8's data storage services?

No, there is no obligation to use Oper8’s data solutions.  While we believe we can offer you some great solutions, we are more than happy for you to continue working with your existing providers, suppliers and partners.

Why should I backup?

With your business data at risk from many different events and threats (from simple data corruption, accidental deletion, to fire/flood and cyber security breaches), housing your important files and information in one single location is a high risk proposition. Regular backups of your application and business data should be automated and regularly checked to ensure the backup (and restore) process is working correctly.  Maintaining a secure copy (or backup) of your data off-site helps reduce the risk of local systems being impacted leading to local data loss.

Can I choose a data storage solution later?

Yes, we are more than happy to help you with your data storage, backup and archive solutions after your MicroDC is up and running.

Don't Be Shy

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