Fire Suppression

Inert gas, rack mounted fire suppression and detection solution for your MicroDC

Rack Mount Unit

Each rack in your MicroDC should be protected with our inert gas based fire suppression solution – requires 2U at the top of each rack


Fire Suppression & Detection

The 2U rack mounted fire suppression solution includes fire detection to automatically protect your assets. Gas cylinder refills are readily available.


Communications Links

The solution includes the ability to link to existing fire alarm panels, provide SNMP alerts and dry contact general alarm monitoring.

Active Monitoring

Oper8’s MicroDC-aaS solution includes proactive monitoring and alarming of each fire suppression module in your MicroDC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the Fire Suppression be mounted?

The fire suppression module should be installed in the top 2U of each IT rack. This allows the detection system the best chance to detect any issues, while ensuring the best location for release of the gas should a fire event occur.

Which inert gas is used?

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC fire suppression solutions use Novec 1230 inert gas.

Can I connect the Fire Suppression solution to my local fire alarm?

Yes, we welcome (and in fact recommend) connecting the Fire Suppression solution to your local fire panel and/or alarm.  We will also be monitoring the Fire Suppression unit for activation or any other alerts.

Do your MicroDCs have pressure relief dampers in case of gas release?

Yes, all STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDCs have inbuilt (by default) pressure relief dampers to ensure the MicroDC enclosure and your critical IT equipment is not damaged during a gas release event.

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