Data Protection

Deploy Vormetric Data Protection in your MicroDC to keep your data private

Data Encryption

Enable transparent encryption on your MicroDC hosted platforms and systems

Protect the Data

By protecting the data itself, through access controls and encryption, you can mitigate new threats to your critical business data. While MicroDCs house critical systems and data in distributed locations, a robust data protection solution helps keep your data safe and under your control.

Key Management

As the use of encryption grows across your business, so do the number of encryption keys, and the potential risks. Key Management is a critical part of establishing strong controls over encryption keys and policies for data encrypted across your business.

Protected in the Cloud

Protect your data locally before backing up or archiving to public cloud services. You retain the keys to your data, while taking advantage of remote data storage services as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Key Management?

Encryption ‘keys’ are a bit like passwords to your encrypted data. Encryption keys can be configured when new cloud services are configured and possibly when new applications and data storage solutions are deployed for your business.  In some cases such keys are setup by your staff, your managed service provider, your cloud partner or your CIO.

Keeping these keys safe, in a place where they can be securely obtained by persons or systems authorised to do so, is what ‘key management’ helps solve.

Vormetric encryption is applied locally to the relevant servers with key management and data access policies applied from a hosted Vormetric Data Security Manager. Security management can be performed by the your IT team remotely or by Oper8 as a Vormetric KMaaS (Key Management as a Service) provider.

One of the great benefits of Vormetric KMaaS is that Oper8 staff cannot see or alter your encryption keys.

What other benefits can I get from Data Protection in my MicroDC?

Using the Vormetric data protection solution can also help your business meet:

  • Compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, etc
  • Legal obligations for business contracts
  • Data encryption ‘at rest’ compliance obligations
  • Privacy commitments to customers and consumers
  • Executive mandates to improve cybersecurity
  • A fast, cost effective deployment and implementation of an encryption solution
Why should I consider Data Protection in my MicroDC?

With your business data at risk from many different events and threats (from simple data corruption, accidental deletion, to fire/flood and cyber security breaches), housing your important files and information across multiple locations, including colocation data centres, cloud services and on-premise in your MicroDC requires a consistent and highly secure data protection solution.

Use of public cloud services can mean you don’t know where your data actually is located, or who might have access to the data or the systems on which your data is stored. Likewise in local deployments, such as MicroDCs and distributed computer rooms, encrypted data at rest (on the physical disks) protects your critical business data even if the physical hardware or disks are obtained by unauthorised persons.

With integrated Access Control, as provided through the Vormetric system, additional levels of restricting system, application and personnel access to data further limits the risk of unauthorised access to your data.

Is it difficult to install and deploy?

No, though we do recommend a pilot with you prior to rolling out the solution across your chosen* corporate systems or platforms.

The Vormetric solution uses transparent encryption technologies that can be deployed across live IT systems and environments, and can protect data stored on disk, servers and database systems.

The Vormetric platform delivers high performance data encryption for all environments: physical, virtual and cloud. It allows granular security controls to be applied to map business rules to data access controls and then reports to security administrators when these rules are under attack by hostile users or systems and encryption, you can mitigate new threats to your critical business data. As with any new system, good planning will help deliver most value to your organisation.

* you can selectively choose which systems, platforms or data needs higher levels of protection using Vormetric Data Protection. 

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