Communic8 Internet

Business broadband with flat-rate internet services enabling your MicroDC

Communic8 Voice

IP Telephony and Unified Communications services delivered through your MicroDC

Public WiFi as a Service

Use your MicroDC to deliver managed Public WiFi as a Service to your campus, office or community

Cloud Direct Connect

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDCs can be linked directly to public and private cloud providers located nationally and internationally as required.


Meshed Networks

Oper8 can facilitate WAN / meshed network connectivity between multiple MicroDCs across your sites. The solution can also include internet bandwidth that can be shared across multiple MicroDC sites.


VPN & Encryption

Network based VPNs and WAN Acceleration and Optimisation services offering encrypted point-to-point links can be delivered through Oper8’s Accelr8 services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flat-Rate internet?

Flat-rate internet is effectively the same as ‘all you can eat’ and ‘unlimited download’ services.  The service is only limited by the size of the pipe (bandwidth) that is contracted.

What is Managed Public WiFi as a Service?

While delivering Public WiFi might be a great solution for your campus or commununity, not everyone wants to manage such a service – especially when considering security, network management, monitoring and new federal laws around Data Retention and Privacy. Oper8 can deliver a Public WiFi solution ‘as a service’ where Oper8 manages the network including the associated compliance obligations.

How does IP Telephony work through a MicroDC?

Oper8’s IP Telephony, VoIP and Unified Communications services are delivered over the internet, as the core systems are based in the cloud (located in Australian data centres).  You will require internet bandwidth, or a WAN connection to Oper8’s Australian data centres to enable IP Telephony options.

Can we provide Structured Data Cabling?

Yes, Oper8 has a number of partners who specialise in Ethernet and fibre (single mode and multi mode) structured cabling solutions that integrate into our MicroDC enclosures. We are also able to integrate into your existing building structured cabling system as required.

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