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When you need HPC capacity on site, but don’t want the data centre price tag – a MicroDC can fit the bill

High Performance Compute

Delivered in a MicoDC with fluid cooling to the chip – warranted by the worlds leading server and CPU vendors.

Chip to Atmosphere

STULZ and CoolIT have partnered to integrate chip-to-atmosphere cooling in a MicroDC delivering 64kW at your fingertips.

Low Impact Deployment

STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC deployments look great in any high-tech area with minimal building works required. No need to remove false ceilings or build raised floors.


Scale Up and Out

Need more than one HPC rack – consider quad rack MicroDCs and meshed deployments across campus or office locations to increase scale and site resilience.

Remote Management Portal

The HPC solution infrastructure (power and cooling) is remotely managed and monitored by Oper8, with a secure customer portal  showing real-time operations and statistics.

HPC – MicroDC Solutions

HPC solutions deployed in STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC enclosures can be fully customised to meet your High Performance Compute needs.
Some common configurations can be deployed in MicroDCs housing 1 to 3 racks.

What Our Solution Delivers

HPC and Hyperscale compute and storage in a dedicated MicroDC enclosure – 64kW of cooling in one rack !

  • Up to 64kW supported per HPC rack in a MicroDC enclosure
  • 70% heat load is managed with Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC)
  • Single or dual DX cooling units
  • UPS and Generators available
  • Multi-rack solutions available
  • DCLC reduces energy consumption for cooling your HPC platform

  • Quick, cost effective and scalable
  • No requirement for a full-scale computer room or data centre
  • Lockable MicroDC enclosure maintains physical security
  • Manifolds and pumps are located within the MicroDC
  • Enable 100% utilisation of rack space for High Performance Compute
Small Footprint

  • Delivery straight to your door
  • Low impact installation
  • Install external condensers
  • Connect power, communications and pipework
  • install your hyperconverged platforms
  • fluid cooling is quiet, reducing the need for screaming server fans
Simple to Deploy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of liquid cooling instead of traditional air cooling?

By integrating DCLC, dependence on expensive air conditioning and air handling systems is dramatically reduced, enabling more servers per rack, low power usage and access to significantly higher performance potential. Rack DCLC integration translates into an effective and scalable cooling strategy which significantly reduces OPEX.

Which STULZ Enabled by Oper8 MicroDC models can HPC be deployed in?

DCLC can be deloyed in any of the MicroDC models available from Oper8 to support your HPC environment. When considering UPS capacity and the need to maintain environmental conditions for UPS batteries (lead-acid models) the larger MicroDC enclosures may also suit your requirements.

What is Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC)?

DCLC is a technology developed and patented by CoolIT Systems that uses warm liquid rather than cold air to dissipate heat from computer and server components. By capturing component heat in a liquid path, DCLC allows for higher component performance and reliability, higher densities and decreased data center operating expenses through a decrease or elimination of chillers and CRACs.

Download the STULZ Chip-to-Atmosphere Data Sheet

What is the acceptable facility water temperature for Rack DCLC?

The acceptable liquid temperatures are ASHRAE W2 to W5.  W4 range is 2°C to 45°C, while W5 is greater than 45°C.

Where can you find more information on CoolIT?

Find out more at the Stulz website at 

Need to deploy your HPC environment?

There’s a good chance you might have questions, so feel free to drop us a line anytime.